What’s in my handbag?

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How else to celebrate National Handbag Day with a ‘What’s in my handbag?’ beauty edition. 

So as a Muma always on the go my bag is mostly taken up by my daughters things and essentials. Spare undies, spare clothes, wipes.. were at the potty training stage! This results in me not actually carrying a lot or products that can be used for both me and her. As well as my purse, keys and all that boring stuff. I like to keep my beauty essentials to a minimum. 

First product I always have is hand sanitiser, this ones a cheap one I recently picked up from Primark, a pretty self explanatory product. I swear I go through so many of these bottles I should invest shares! 

My favourite perfume at the moment is Jimmy Choo. A gift from my other half (yes he’s actually good at picking presents!) Even if I’m not looking my best I always make sure I have a tonne of perfume on, to kind of compensate for my lack of face. “She looks bloody knackered but she smells great”, right?

One of my all time beauty must haves is the Paw Paw Original Balm. The best multi purpose product, I’m always raving about this stuff. I keep one in my make up kit, one in my handbag, one in the bathroom. Can be used for chapped lips, nails, sunburn and even as a nappy rash balm. Perfect for any person on the go, or if you have a small pointless but really cute bag (were all guilty of that).

My MAC lippie I take everywhere and am constantly topping up with is Velvet Teddy. I would but this all time then one Kardashian said she wore it and everyone went mental and bought it now I can’t find it anywhere, thanks Kylie!

Bobby pins and hair bands are somewhere roaming around in the bottom of my bag ready to be dug out in emergencies.

My go-to face powder for everyday touch ups is the Nars pressed powder. It comes with a flat sponge but I never use it, I’ll usually throw in a Real Techniques brush with the powder compact to help reduce any oiliness on my tzone.

And last but not least my Tangle Teezer! My hair is super thick and gets tangled so easily so this is a must through the day. I use this on my daughter as well, with her being mixed race she has tight ringlet curls. As much as she hates me brushing her hair I’ve found it’s the quickest thing to get through her hair after a day at nursery!

Hope you liked having a nose through what beauty must haves I carry in my handbag. Happy national handbag day! Comment below what products you keep in your handbag and why! 

Katie X

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