Beauty Benefits of Pumpkin

As the weather turns cold, Autumn is officially here and that means one thing, pumpkins! On a recent visit to our local pick your own field , we grabbed all different sizes and colours of pumpkins. We carved some (we tried!), left some to decorate the house with and I’ve saved some for my face! Yes, you read that right, I’m going to use pumpkin as a face mask.

There are so many benefits of using pumpkin on your skin, and even hair. This ultimate autumnal veggie contains loads of vitamins leaving your skin glowing and your hair healthy. So what does it contain? Keep reading to find out how eating and whacking some mushy pumpkin on your face will help you get that flawless skin you’ve always wanted.

Omega 3– Fatty acids, the healthy ones… Proven to leave you with shinier, healthier looking hair. Eating pumpkin gives you that extra volume in your locks!

Zinc– If you suffer with acne pumpkin seeds contain a high amount of zinc, which helps control hormone levels and oil production in your skin.

Fruit Enzymes– Helping the growth and turnover of cell production, which brightens and smooths skin.

Vitamin C– Known for protecting skin and preventing wrinkles and even skin cancer. Vitamin C is needed for collagen and elastin, maintaining your skins elasticity helping it bounce back.



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