5 Minute Make Up!

I have a lot of clients come to me asking for easy and quick products to use, especially us Mumas! Multi-use products are the way forward, anything that can be used both on your lips and cheeks. I’d advice anyone to grab products that are beneficial to you and easy to chuck in your handbag, in stick from or something that doesn’t always involve 27,000 brushes.

You have to think realistically when buying products, how much time do you genuinely have to get ready in the morning? What products can you use in a rush? And what can you add to take you from day to night?

Check out my Instagram for the quick clip of a look I did the other day. By using all Bobbi Brown products I simply added a retouching wand, a cream eyeshadow stick, brow shaper and an art stick I quickly brightened up her complexion and gave her that instant pick me up.

  1. Foundation Stick- Top up certain areas of your face that need extra coverage.
  2. Retouching Wand- Brighten up your under eye by blending the product with her fingers. Easy and effective.
  3. Cream Eyeshadow Stick (in Goldstone)- Adding a bit of sparkle to your eyes, that will last all day/night.
  4. Brow Shaper- Brush through your brows for a natural shape.
  5. Art Stick (in Bright Raspberry)- An amazing way to add a brightly coloured lip, and can be used as a blush to perk up your skin.


The finished look…


Enjoy! x



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