Bedtime Beauty


Late nights and early mornings has been my thang for the past 2 years, actually 3 years (being preggo wasn’t comfy!). I have tried and tested a few remedies and I think I’ve finally got my perfect bedtime routine down to a tee. Better late than never eh?

So baring in mind my evening routine includes a cheeky two year-old, my routine doesn’t always go this smoothly. I usually take off my make up and cleanse using Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil, super quick and easy. Doesn’t drag my skin and gets rid of stubborn eye make up really well.

After putting Mals to bed, and actually sitting down for 5 mins, I make myself a tea. I drink Clippers Organic Sleep Easy Infusion tea which I honestly believe helps me wind down for bed. Before my bath I spray my pillow with This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Talk, and let the relaxing lavender scent settle into my pillow.

My bath always consists of lavender bath salts (the cute ones from TkMaxx) and a Radox Muscle Soak bubble bath. I always have a Neom candle lit somewhere in the house and my favourite one is the Happiness Candle, it’s zesty scent fills the whole house and stays which I love. Until I’m brought back to reality by a foam letter stuck to my leg (#MumLife)…

I continue with my skincare routine using:

I am slightly bias when it comes to skincare as I work for an amazing brand who produces amazing skincare products. The Bobbi Brown Extra skincare range is slightly on the higher end of price point, but hand on heart it is SO worth it. Since changing my skincare routine and making it all Bobbi my skin has never been so good!

I hope you enjoyed my bedtime beauty notes, make sure you’re following me on all social media sites. I cannot wait to show you all what I’ve been working on! X

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