My No Makeup, makeup.

I’ve been off work for a cheeky two weeks, amazing because I’ve had a lot more time to spend with Mals and to blog. Due to me being off I’ve been wearing minimal make up and trying to let my skin breathe, focusing mainly on skincare.

I’m a massive fan of no makeup makeup, it’s super quick and easy and looks really effortless. Especially if you’ve got a quick 20 mins to get ready in the morning before the nursery run. Creating good skin starts with your base, your skincare. My skincare varies but this has been the moisturiser I’ve been grabbing for.

  • Bobbi Brown (of course!) Vitamin Enriched Face Base– An amazing oil free moisturiser with a primer in it. So it hydrates your skin without it feeling greasy and keeps your make up on longer.
  • Bobbi Brown Illuminating Balm– I love my skin to have a dewy finish and this is the perfect product to give you that extra glow. I apply it all over my face and sometimes mix it in with my foundation.

My go-to make up this past week has been…


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