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What is the oldest item in your makeup collection?

A Rimmel eyeshadow duo my mum gave to me when I was younger, white and blue shadows.. Can you tell I was born in the 90s? Classic. So hideous but I can’t bare to get rid of it. I obviously never use this anymore but I still love it.

What is the newest item?

Bobbi Brown clear brow gel, because I bloody love it. I swear it’s the only brow gel that keeps my brows in place. They honestly do not budge.

What is the most expensive item?

To be honest, I rarely buy expensive make up and any premium brand products I get staff discount on so don’t cost me a lot (amazing but so bad because half my wages go on make up!) I’d probably have to say I spend most money on skincare, everything starts with your base, a perfect canvas creates a better face.

What was the biggest bargain?

I couldn’t pin point any particular product but I do love a bargain! If any beauty sites like Beauty Bay, Feel Unique or even ASOS beauty have discounts I am there. I tend to pick up good bits when I’m not looking for them (always the way right?) TkMaxx always have hidden gems, I always tell people to look at the beauty section.

What was the biggest waste of money?

I’d probably have to say on lipsticks. I’m a sucker for a red lip, matte lipstick, lip gloss, liquid lipsticks, lip liners. You name it I bet I have a red lipstick from any brand. I can’t help it, I think a red lipstick is the answer to all my troubles. No joke.

What is the most affordable/cheapest product (that you use a lot)?

Maybelline lash sensational mascara, every bloggers fave. Super cheap and I can’t even tell you how many tubes I’ve been through. Always one to sneak into your shopping trolley in Tesco.

What are your 3 favourite items right now?

Bobbi Brown Joe Brown bronzing gel, Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in 714Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in 714 & Bobbi Brown Treatment Lotion.


What is your favourite piece that you’ve gotten as a gift?

When I first started out as an artist my parents were super supportive (as always). They invested in me and bought me a bunch of quality makeup brushes, most of which I still have today. My advice to anyone who loves makeup or wants to start as an artist is to invest in good quality tools that will last you.

What is the most outrageous/colourful item in your kit (that you absolutely love)?

Urban Decay Full Spectrum eyeshadow palette, ordered it randomly off Feel Unique and have absolutely fell in love with it. Such a wide range of colours and something I’m always grabbing now to put it my kit. I find Urban Decay palettes really worth the money, the pigment pay off is amazing and lasts, win win.


Where do you shop the most at? 

Bobbi Brown, obviously because it’s basically my second home 🙂

Something you love but everyone else hates?

MAC Stone matte lipstick, my OH really hates it because it’s like a zombie grey colour (the only way I can explain it!). It’s not everyones cup of tea but it’s actually one of my favourite MAC lippies, sorry babe it isn’t going anywhere.

Something that you’re excited to wear soon?

Pink lipsticks! I recently wrote a blog post about it. I rarely pick a pink lipstick for everyday use but it’s something I really want to dive into this year. Find out some of my favourite pink shades here, and tell me yours!

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