Winter makeup trends of 2017

Winter is here! A new season brings new trends both in fashion and makeup. I thought I’d do my own little break down of the winter ’17 trends seen on the catwalks, both a bit different and wearable.


Yeah so the first trend you won’t need much! It’s all about fresh, minimal, glowing skin. You know that no makeup makeup. To nail this look you’ll need to focus on your skincare, your base and fluffy groomed brows. See below the glow to their skin, a natural skin finish.


Every shade of pink, everywhere. Pressed onto the lips, a flush on the cheeks and even on the eyes. A dusty pink, almost like a wash of colour on the eyes was a popular look on catwalks. Lips were more of a neutral rose pink colour, very wearable for the day.


The more the merrier, it’s time to load up your lashes. There are some really affordable mascaras on the high street right now that are actually amazing! Find a mascara that you love and just build it way more than you usually would. If you feel daring, try a coloured mascara like blue or purple.


So the bitten lip look, or the “I’ve drank  too much wine” lip if you’re a part of the mum club like me. You want to focus more of the product onto the inside of your lips not so much on the lip line. Lips on the catwalk were berry, crimson tones and glossy. Colour was just on the lips and the rest of the makeup was very minimal.

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