Makeup Artists You Need To Know About


So we all love a good Insta stalk- don’t lie, I know you can relate! We all get stuck in that trance of just scrolling through when we’ve finally put the kids to bed and we sigh a sigh of relief that we can eventually just sit down.. until we realise we forgot to load the bloody dishwasher!

You get the point, so anyway… I’ve listed some of my Insta crushes below, if you don’t follow them already make sure you do.

@nikki_makeup -Nikki

Now a global makeup ambassador for Becca Cosmetics, beauty expert and Glamour mag columnist. Her work is so distinctive of her own style you can always tell she has created a look before you even tap to see who is tagged in the image! Glowing skin, perfect brows and separated lashes are most definitely her thing.

@makeupbymario -Mario Dedivanovic

The New York born artist, globally known as Kim Kardashian West go-to makeup artist. Known for his effortless looks and successful makeup masterclasses he hosts in numerous countries. (I’m so pissed I missed the London one, I couldn’t justify the ticket price!) He is my go to for everyday inspo and I’m constantly in awe of his fuss free techniques.

@patmcgrathreal -Pat McGrath

Quoted by Vogue as the most influential makeup artist in the world, they are not wrong. Pat McGrath is THE makeup artist, and she’s British! Pat (first name basis, obvs), is one the first makeup artists I started researching and I’m always constantly stalking her page. Her insta feed consists of her runway looks and the best of her editorial work. A woman in her own lane, the best of the best.

@bbpro_adeolagboyega -Adeola Gboyega

One of the amazing artists part of the Bobbi Brown UK pro team. I have the pleasure of often working with Adeola and can honestly say she is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Her whole vibe is everything and her talent is even more!

@justbobbibrown -Bobbi Brown

Famous for empowering women in looking and feeling amazing, Bobbi Brown built her company up and has written eight amazing beauty and makeup books. Her Instagram gives us an insight into her regular travels, mum life and odd throwback from the 80s! I’m so lucky to have worked for her company, love seeing what she’s currently up to and her inspirational quotes.

@felicialatour -Felicia La Tour

Celebrity makeup artist, well known for her artistry work on the gorgeous Jhene Aiko. I love her work and often find myself getting lost weeks-deep on her IG page. Definitely someone I look up to, her YouTube videos are some of the realist and inspiring around. Make sure you’re following her!

Tell me some of your favourite makeup pages/artists you think I should follow.

Don’t forget to follow my makeup page on Instagram @katievioletmakeup, come and say hi 🙂

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