Dark Circles Dilemma

“Look how bad my dark circles are”, that’s the thing we always notice first isn’t it? Here’s some tips to help answer are you dark circle dilemmas!

  • Sleep: Sorry Hun, it’s that simple. A good nights sleep is key to preventing dark circles. For a little science lesson, when you don’t enough sleep your blood vessels dilate. Because the skin under your eyes is thinner, the dark circles are caused by increased blood and is therefore more noticeable. Aka… Lack of sleep = dark puffy circles!
tired honey boo boo GIF
  • Under-Eye patches: I’ll be honest, I only started using these last year but I’m obsessed! I’ve added some of my favourites below, my tip (especially before an event) put them in the fridge for minimum 5 minutes and the cooler they are the more effective helping with under-eye puffiness.
  • Eye Cream: Before applying makeup, especially under eye, make sure you have a hydrated base. Your skin underneath your eye is 5 times thinner than the skin on the rest of your face so you need to keep this hydrated!
  • Colour Corrector: Working at Bobbi Brown gave me all the knowledge I needed about colour correcting. This is my go-to Mum makeup product, makes you actually look like you’ve had sleep! It brightens the eye without feeling too heavy- One thing I will say, make sure you are still using a concealer over the top of your corrector. Corrector is used to brighten and concealer is used to neutralise the tone, bringing it back to your natural skin colour.

Look at the natural colour of your under eye without makeup-
-If you see green/ brown undertone you will need a peach colour corrector.
-If you see blue/ purple undertone you need a bisque (pink colour corrector.
-If you see a mix of both brown & blue (this you can see a lot in fairly neutral mixed skin tones) undertone you need a bisque (pink) and peachy tone colour corrector.

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